Our programs are based on extensive research and practice, developed by our qualified and experienced childhood educators. We add a valuable substance to the learning journey of your child by encouraging more meaningful experiences at the centre that majorly contribute to their overall growth.

Our Play Based Program is designed to achieve the learning outcomes as provided by the Early Years Learning Framework for the children to be able to have a strong sense of identity, remain connected to their world, be effective in communications, be confident and involved learners, and have a strong sense of wellbeing.

Every child is unique, and has their own unique interests, abilities and skills and therefore, our play-based learning incorporates ways and methodologies that enhance their learning in cognitive aspects. We abide by the regulatory requirements under the National Quality Standards, and assure our children of a safe, sound, and a welcoming learning environment.

Every child is welcoming of knowledge and information that is intriguing, and therefore with our programs at Brightly, we aim at creating a dedicated learning space that encourages exploration, group activities and overall development including different incursions and mindful learning trips.

The Dispositions of Learning Promoted by Early Years Learning Framework




Ability to take Responsibility


Social skills